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Summary - SPM Physics Past Year Questions on "Waves"

Hi Malaysian SPM or O-level students wherever you may be,

1) I provide below the table which summarises the past year questions on "waves" from year 2005 to 2011. They should be of interest to those taking Physics for SPM or O-level from 2012 onwards.

2) Btw, I'm Tutor Tan of Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I can be reached at or sms: 011-2328 7882.

3) Do keep coming back to this blog because I will post not only summaries of past year questions but also discuss some of the interesting questions therein (7 interesting SPM past-year questions on "Waves" have been dealt with here). I'll also provide tutorial notes covering every chapter from Form 4 to Form 5 as and when I cover the chapters with my offline tuition students comprising groups of Form 5 students at PJ/KL.

4) I believe in sharing knowledge and comparing notes with all interested parties.

5) For a start, you may want to look at Yr 2005, Paper 1, Question 35 and share with me what should the answer be: C or D? And, why? If the waves are not water waves but electromagnetic waves, would your answer still be the same?

Cheers & Happy SPMing...

SPM Physics Past Year Questions on “Waves” (Form 5 Chapter 1):

Paper 1 (50 Qs)
(1hr 15min)
Paper 2
(2hr 30min)
A: 8 Qs – Do All
(90 min, 60 pts)
B: 2 Qs – Do 1Q
(30 min, 20 pts)
C: 2 Qs – Do 1Q
(30 min, 20 pts)
Paper 3
(1hr 30min)
A: 2 Qs (28 pts)
(advice: 1 hr)
B: 2 Qs – Do 1Q
(30 min, 12 pts)
Q28~34 (7Qs)
Pgs 286~288
A.Q4 (Pg 297)
B.Q4 (Pg.328)
Q34~36 (8Qs)
Pgs 237~240
A.Q2 (Pg 247)
A.Q6 (Pg 253)
B.Q10 (Pg 260)
A.Q2 (Pg.273)
Q29~34 (6Qs)
Pgs 192~193
A.Q6 (Pg 205)
A.Q3 (Pg 224)
Q29~34 (6Qs)
Pgs 146~147
A.Q1 (Pg 154)
C. Q12 (Pg 170)
Q29~34 (6Qs)
Pgs 98~99
A.Q1 (Pg 106)
C.Q12 (Pg 123)
Q29~35 (7Qs)
Pgs 54~56
A.Q3 (Pg 64)

B.Q4 (Pg 89)
Q29~35 (7Qs)
Pgs 9~11
A.Q2 (Pg 17)
B.Q10 (Pg 29)
Give me your views on P1 2005, Q 35 – Answer C or D?
Of course, 2005 Q29 & 2008, Q34 also need some “extra” from you.

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