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Thursday, 25 April 2013

A's for Physics, Chemistry and ALL Subjects in SPM 2012

Congrats to ALL 8 of them as  follows:

1. Huda Liyana (9As - physics A+)
2. Adina Bt. Ahmad Bakhtiar (10As - Top in Maths)
3. Hana Suhaila (10As)
4. Siti Sara (10As)
5. Ksherah (10As)
6. Niraanjana Sunathan (9As)

They all scored FULL A's (A's for ALL subjects) in SPM 2012; and, a few scored A+ for PHYSICS. The sweetest thing is: They all took physics tuition from me and a few took Chemistry too. Huda called and sms the same moment she got the good news - could imagine she must be jumping with joys! Her Mom too sms a nice "Thank You" note.
It could have been 8 scoring FULL A's if not because two of them missed full A's by the whisker.

Missed Full A's By the Whisker:

7. Yasshene Ann (8As)
8. Uma Priya (7As)

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