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Friday, 16 August 2019

Nicole Gan Scored A (87%) for CIE A2 Chemistry 9701 in June 2019 Exams

Although she missed by 3% for A*, it is still a very respectable strong A worthy of mention in a dedicated blog post.

A-level is certainly much tougher that O-level.

So folks, while preparing for your O-level, do acquire the strong analytical skill to carry into your A-level. Nicole has it - that's why she could score a strong A. If you are too easy-going to acquire that strong analytical skills, A-level is going to be tough. What more when you enter university?!

With that, my heartiest congrats to Nicole n I wish Nicole the very best in her next chapter in life. May she get into the British university of her choice to do a course of her liking. Once again, congrats!

P/s: For AS Chemistry 9701, Nicole scored 88% (strong A too). Nicole has been my tuition student since IGCSE /O-level.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Natalia Lim Scored A (88%) for IGCSE Add-Maths 0606 in June 2019 Exams

Last year (Oct /Nov 2018), Natalia sat for 4 subjects - all of which she obtained A or A*. The subject that she took tuition from me was IGCSE Physics 0625 and she scored A* (90%) - please see an earlier congratulatory blogpost on this.

Natalia was a home-schooled student - she was either taught by her mum or a tutor like me for subject like IGCSE Physics 0625.

This year (May /June 2019), she sat for 2 more subjects - IGCSE Add-Maths 0606 n Economics (taught, I think, by her capable mum) and she scored A for both (88% for Add-Maths).

Heartiest congrats to Rachel n Natalia - it's A* or A for all subjects! :)

P/s: Natalia's mum recommended me to her friend, Dr. Ng, to give tuition to her Yr 10 daughter in both Physics 0625 and Add-Maths 0606 since August (this month). I get paid the same hourly rate (RM100/hr) plus a petrol allowance of RM30/ trip to her Ampang home. Thanks to Rachel n, as always, I will do my utmost best - A* is the aim from Day 1. Haha, Naomi n I can do it!

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Douglas Tan's Tuition Students Consistently Scored A or A* in IGCSE Physics 0625

My tuition students have - over many years - consistently done very well in IGCSE Physics 0625 (and, Edexcel GCSE Physics (4PMO) too) as follows:

1) In Oct /Nov 2018 exams: May Lee May Chin (Beacon Hse Sri Inai) scored A* (92%)

2) In Oct /Nov 2018 exams: Natalia Lim (Home School)) scored A* (90%)

3) In May /June 2017 exams: Nazeera Shafleena (Sri Cempaka) scored A (88%)

4) In Oct /Nov 2016 exams: Nicole Gan (Nobel Int'l Sch.) scored A* (93%)

5) In May /June 2016 exams: Lim Chin Quan (Sri Cempaka) scored A* (90+%)

6) Before year 2016, Karina Hamzah (Garden Int'l Sch), Alistair Yong (Honsbridge), Angela Loo (Honsbridge),... all scored A or A*; and,

7) In May /June 2017 Edexcel GCSE exams: Caroline McLean (Alice Smith) scored A* for Physics (4PHO).

You may refer to the dedicated blog posts in this blog for their 'thank you' notes, result slips n /or WhatsApp messages to me on their results. :)

Douglas' WA # 011-2120 1608
Douglas' email:

Douglas Tan's Tuition Students Consistently Scored A or A* in IGCSE Chemistry 0620

Thank goodness, over many years - my tuition students never disappoint me and they have consistently done very well in IGCSE Chemistry 0620 (and Edexcel GCSE Chemistry (4CHO) too) as follows:

1) In Oct /Nov 2018 exams: May Lee May Chin (Beacon Hse Sri Inai) scored A* (94%)

2) In Oct /Nov 2017 exams: Matthew Sia (Beacon Hse Sri Inai) scored A (80+%)

3) In May /June 2017 exams: Nazeera Shafleena (Sri Cempaka) scored A (88%)

4) In Oct /Nov 2016 exams: Nicole Gan (Nobel Int'l Sch.) scored A* (94%)

5) In May /June 2016 exams: Lim Chin Quan (Sri Cempaka) scored A* (90+%)

6) Before year 2016, Karina Hamzah (Garden Int'l Sch), Shannon Khoo (Honsbridge), Angela Loo (Honsbridge), Kimberly (home-school),... all scored A or A*; and,

7) In May /June 2017 Edexcel GCSE exams: Caroline McLean (Alice Smith) scored A* for Chemistry (4CHO).

You may refer to the dedicated blog posts in this blog for their 'thank you' notes n result slips n /or WhatsApp messages to me on their results. :)

Douglas' WA # 011-2120 1608
Douglas' email:

Monday, 11 March 2019

Douglas Tan's Teaching Profile

This Teaching Profile comprehensively summarizes my teaching and private tutoring experience and achievements up to Year 2016. Thereafter, students' achievements are recorded through dedicated posts in this blog:

My WA # 011-2120 1608

My email:

Thursday, 17 January 2019

May Lee Scored A* for Both Physics (92%) and Chemistry (94%) in IGCSE Oct /Nov 2018 Exams

(Updated on 21/01/2019)

Yeah, more great news!

A moment ago, May Lee whatsapped: "I get 94 for chemistry and 92 for physics" followed by a 'thank you note' - please see the photoshot. And, I thank her for her kind words.

May Lee took tuition on Physics 0625 and Chemistry 0620 from me for about 16 months - 1.5 hours for each subject. The 2 subjects were done one after another - totaling 3 hours in 1 session firstly on Saturday, then changed to Sunday. You will note later that her tuition hours for Physics were increased by 1.5 hours about 3 months before her exams because she obtained only 70+ for Physics in her mock exams.

I remember May Lee as a conscientious student - always do her homework on time. Her diligence n liking for study convince me that she has potential to do well. For her mock exams, she did well in Chemistry as expected but scored only 70+ for Physics - that was a red flag because when I looked at those questions, they weren't very difficult.

And, her parents - upon noticing her non-A score for Physics - on their own without my request, increased her tuition hours by 1.5 hrs / week about 3 months before the exams - she has nice parents who love her n kept a close watch on her progress n development. usually such parents produce top-scoring kids. Moving fwd, the additional 1.5-hr gave me additional time to help her. Students usually take 2-hr tuition for subjects like Physics, Add-Math n Chemistry for at least 15 months to do well in the subjects.

So, finally she scored A* for both Chemistry (94%) n Physics (92%).

From her 'thank you note' below, you will note that she considers her A* for Physics a miracle. Yes, I do believe that those additional hours really helped because for subjects like Physics, Add-Maths,.., there is a need for a certain minimum hours of preparation - no shortcut!

Once again, warmest congrats n best wishes to May Lee! I'm really proud of you! :)

Douglas Tan

WA: 011-2120 1608

Natalia Lim JX Scored A* for IGCSE Physics 0625 in 2018 Oct /Nov Exams

Yeah, good news from Natalia's Mom!

Rachel just whatsapped me Natalia's IGCSE full results slip with the following words "...Mr Douglas - you are the best ... Your reputation as a great physics teacher is proven once again" - it's an A* for Natalia who never learn physics before and never from any one else but me - her sole physics tutor. In fact, Natalia scored at least an A for all the subjects she took!

Natalia and her siblings are all home-school students with a very capable and dedicated Mom. Dad is a very nice man - a corporate lawyer. Elder sisters are mostly in Canada - holding Master n PHD. It's an honour really to get to know this Christian family which was why I was impressed enough to buy her a farewell "Thank You" cake on my last lesson with her. Her mom was surprised n remarked that: "We should be the one thanking you!" n presented me with chocolates n tarts bought from, I think, Taiwan. The family has many lovely dogs - some of which were previously stray dogs - but you couldn't tell from their current loveliness! :)

So, you see; it is possible for a student who is bright - Natalia is bright, intelligent, conscientious n never over-ride me on my implementation of the tuition programme - and  has zero knowledge of physics initially to eventually score A* in IGCSE by spending 2 hours/week (for about 15 months) taking tuition from a physics tutor with proven record.

Proven record means the tutor must have produced many verifiable tuition students who scored A* or A in the subject before and he must have a systematic approach in conducting his tuition - covering every areas mentioned in the applicable syllabus using: firstly, an Examiner-approved (Cambridge) textbook n all the questions therein; secondly, has taken pain in extracting relevant past year questions for the student to do upon finishing each syllabus area or topic; and, finally, just 2 or 3 months before exams, going through all the preceding 3 or 4 years of past-year questions on paper-by-paper basis (not topic-by-topic as was earlier done)..

Natalia's mom has experience in giving tuition too. She sat in during the first few lessons. She was impressed and she paid me RM100 /hr (instead of the my normal RM90 /hr for IGCSE level) because she knew from her experience that I have spent a lot of time n effort in preparing my tuition programme including in extracting topical questions for my students.

Natalia's A* would not have been possible without her Mom concurrent monitoring of homework (mainly past-year questions) I gave Nat to do.

So, it's joint-happiness for Natalia's A*.

Heartiest congrats to Natalia and I'm really proud of you Nat! :) <3

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Nicole Gan Scored A (88%) For Her CIE Chemistry AS 9701 In May/ June 2018 Exams

Yeah, good news! My CIE (A-level) Chemistry AS tuition student Ms. Nicole scored A (88%) - as per her text this afternoon.

Chemistry was the only A-level science subject she sought my help n it's an A :)

In IGCSE (O-level) previously she sought my help on 3 subjects n she scored:
* Chemistry 0620: A* (94%)
* Physics 0625: A* (93%)
* Add-Maths 0606 A (83%)

Congrats! Happy for her

Monday, 22 January 2018

Matthew Sia Scored A for IGCSE Chemistry 0620 in Oct /Nov 2017 Exams

Results for IGCSE Oct /Nov 2017 exams were released a few days ago.

Very happy to receive a texted message from mum of Matthew Sia (Beacon House) who scored A in IGCSE Chemistry 0620 - the only subject he took tuition from me. If he also took physics and add-maths from me, I'm confident it will be at least 3 A's.

Matthew started his first chemistry tuition class with me on 18th July 2016 at 5.30pm in BU7. Like most students, he was weak in the beginning. But every step of the way, he followed my tuition plan for him without any interruption or disobedience - such as by giving excuses that couldn't do the homework I emailed to him on time because of this and that (printer no ink, sch tests for other subjects, Grade 6 piano test, etc. coming up - as was regularly given by one Tenby's student in USJ).

I coached him - using the same approach that I used with other students who did well - based closely on every specification in the IGCSE Chemistry 0620 syllabus and relevant past-year n textbook questions. And, he diligently followed my programme - his results again confirm the method was the correct n effective method! Those who liked to super-impose their own programme on mine so far never did well. There was a student who suddenly decided to do summary of the textbook and the formulae therein for my marking instead of focusing on the syllabus specification n the past year questions that I wanted her to complete in time - much to my bewilderment n surprise! Once I conclude that it's a situation or behaviour that I can't change, I have a thousand n one way to say 'bye2' or to make them say 'goodbye' to me - it has happened! So, remember: if you want to do or learn something with me, give me your 100%, or, it's "bye2" from me to you or from you to me in due course. Only if you seriously want to do well, then take tuition from me. Otherwise, get lost - I really have no time nor patience for nonsense!

Coming back: Another aspect I remember fondly of my tuition experience with Matthew was: his mum's more than punctual payments of tuition fees - never ever been late and always a few days in advance before the first lesson of the month. From my point of view, this is respect n satisfaction for my tuition service! When appreciated, human reciprocated accordingly -seeing the results is believing! Agree? :) Respect is another red-line that must not be repeatedly crossed!

On the results day, his mum's texted message reads: "... got an A for chem. Thank you so much for your help. Thumb up, thumb up." Very nice lady - thanks for treating me well, madam! Yeah, another successful assignment!

My heartiest congratulation to Matthew Sia of Beacon House!


Currently, 3 of my tuition students who did very well in their IGCSE - meaning getting A* (>90%) or near to A* (88%) - are taking A-level tuition in chemistry from me - one each doing IBDP, Edexcel and CIE. Believe, I'll have good A-level results news to gloat about in due course. Just kidding - actually a lot of serious n organized work in the meantime. Excellence is the objective right from Day 1. :) We can make it!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Caroline W. McLean Scored A* for Both Chemistry (4CHO) n Physics (4PHO) in 2017 Edexcel GCSE May /June Exams

Yesterday (24.08.2017, Thurs) at 1020 pm:

Caroline W. McLean (Alice Smith Int'l Sch) texted happy news to inform that in the recent 2017 Edexcel GCSE May /June exams, she: "... passed Chemistry and Physics with 2 A*'s ...". She used the humble word "passed" when in fact it was "excelled" in the 2 subjects with A* - that's typical of interesting Caroline!

Caroline took tuition from me for a short-while in 3 Edexcel O-level subjects: Chemistry (4CHO), Physics (4PHO) and Math (4MAO). She started with Chemistry - then she requested tuition too for Physics n Math nearer to her formal exams.

Her A* in Chemistry n Physics should be attributed mainly to her own abilities because she didn't take the usual many lessons from me. My role was mainly to help her to tie up loose ends n to 'audit' her preparations against the respective syllabus specifications and where I find weaknesses, I strengthen her as there wasn't enough time to cover all areas - and, it works! As for Math (4MAO) - she scored a respectable B: It was a case of too little too late! I have no doubt that she has the ability to score A* in Math (4MAO) too - just that our time on Math was too little too late! That notwithstanding ...

My heartiest congratulations to this well-bred gymnast-looking sweet girl, Caroline W. McLean!

Nice of you indeed to inform me of your results!

Best wishes for your next phase, Caroline! :)

Douglas Tan

WhatsApp No.: 011 2120 1608

My time with Caroline also allows me to gain knowledge of the demands of the current syllabus specifications for Edexcel Math (4MAO), Chemistry (4CHO) n Physics (4PHO) as I already know those of:
- IGCSE Maths 0580 / 0606 / 0607;
- IGCSE Chemistry 0620; and,
- IGCSE Physics 0625; as well as,
- SPM Modern Math / Add-Math;
- SPM Chemistry
- SPM Physics), almost to my finger tips. Hehe...