Friday 16 August 2019

Nicole Gan Scored A (87%) for CIE A2 Chemistry 9701 in May/June 2019 Exams

Nicole Gan scored a very respectable strong A (87%) - worthy of special mention in a dedicated blog post - for her CIE (A-level) Chemistry 9701 A2 (Yr 13) in May/June 2019 exams.

For CIE AS (Yr 12) May/June 2018 exams for the same subject - she scored 88% (strong A too).

A-level is certainly much tougher that O-level.

So folks, while preparing for your O-level, do acquire strong analytical skill to carry into your A-level. Nicole has it - that's why she could score a strong A. If you are too easy-going (like 1-month holidays means 1 month off from study totally) or over-confident due to excellent O-level results, you may end up finding A-level tough and the results will show. What more when you enter university?! Put in more effort as you go higher.

With that, my heartiest congrats to Nicole n I wish Nicole the very best in her next chapter in life. May she get into the British university of her choice to do a course of her liking. Once again, congrats!



In IGCSE (O-Level) , Nicole (Nobel Int'l Sch) took tuition in 3 subjects from me and her scores in the 2016 Oct/Nov exams:

1) Chemistry 0620: A* (94%)
2) Physics 0625: A* (93%)
3) Add-Maths 0606: A (83%) - I actually expected her to score A* for Add-Maths based on her usual performance during tuition with me - but she told me she was panicky for the 1st paper. When she wasn't panicky for her AS-level Maths (CIE), she scored A* (94%) with no tuition from others! :)


The best time to get tuition slot(s) from me is in June/July and Nov/Dec - just after the Summer and the Winter exams - when students who just finish their exams vacate their tuition slots.

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Tuesday 13 August 2019

Natalia Lim Scored A (88%) for IGCSE Add-Maths 0606 in June 2019 Exams

Natalia was a home-schooled student - she was either taught by her mum or a tutor like me (for subject like IGCSE Physics 0625).

This year (May /June 2019): She sat for 2 more subjects - IGCSE Add-Maths 0606 n Economics (taught, I think, by her capable mum) and she scored A for both (88% for Add-Maths) - results slip above.

Last year (Oct /Nov 2018): Natalia sat for 4 subjects - all of which she obtained A or A*. The subject that she took tuition from me was IGCSE Physics 0625 and she scored A* (90%) - please see an earlier congratulatory blog-post on this.

Heartiest congrats to Rachel n Natalia - it's A* or A for all subjects! :)


1) Natalia's Mum has since recommended NC (of Gdn Int'l Sch, daughter of her medical-doctor friends) to take tuition from me for the IGCSE subjects of Physics 0625 and Add-Maths 0606 at the same hourly fees as Natalia's (RM100/hr + RM30 per to-and-return Ampang trip).

2) Available tuition slots: If you need tuition slot(s), the best time to get them from me will be immediately after Summer or Winter exams in June/July and November/December respectively.

WhatsApp me at: 011-2120 1608.