Friday, 30 August 2013

Goodbye International School...

Petaling Jaya (Fri: 2.8.2013)

Today is my last day at an International School here. Kind students and colleagues presented gifts and notes like these - very touched by them:

My Notes in Reply
  • Suchaya, Mukessh, May, Sabrina and your Science A classmates.
  • Alice Dinh (Vietnam) and your Science B classmates. Many of you were impressive both scholastically and personality-wise: Alice scored 99% for O-Maths and 94% for Add-Maths - more than a dozen of scored above 90% for both maths papers containing questions similar or identical to past year questions. I wish you a happy and bright future...
  • Charlene who joined Arts from Science A and her new classmates - many of whom have very colourful and interesting personalities: I will not forget for a long long time the ambush for an impromptu photo session on the last day of Term 1 (2/8/2013, Fri)...Have to "beat it" or tears would flow...really sorry, could not linger longer that Friday afternoon...gdbye all
  • Raghu, Aravind, Harry, Ayman, Riyah, Sivani, Sa Rang, Navodha, Malak, Sherlin,...(R wept - felt sad for him - thereafter, was ambushed by F4 students for an impromptu photo session - could I be looking happy after all the emo-moments in the morning? Try to....of course - hope look good enough not to spoil the photos)
  • Jena Kim So Hyun, Mazem, Soham, Amy, Monisha, Sara, Kaanti, Swetha, Harleen, Yasamin, Ha Woon: Someone told me J went to the wash-room to cry, was it true? J wrote me a very nice note and I appreciate that very much - will keep it forever. J will grow up to be a very lovable person - a pillar of strength to whoever she chooses to be her 'buddy' and best wishes J and all...
  • Not forgetting also the F5 whom I taught last year - I didn't tell anyone of them that I'm going - just too hard to do it...because this "goodbye" is hard to say...can be forever...take care all...
  • Not forgetting too Ciara, Tuga, Jenet, Eminah, Parth, Matthew  and all their classmates - 75% of your class got promoted to the best class - how about that? In a way, those moments that I spent with you was rewarded! I am as happy as you are. Roozbeh came to me at the canteen the other day to inform me that all his marks now are 80% above except for 1 subject which is 78% (English) - feel like he knew I was leaving and was thanking me for all the cajoling, scolding and "presurising". The time I spent with you was worth it...not forgetting too Daisy's Annabelle (and the birthday cake baked by her Mom - thank you, Mdm!), Vais, Nabillah, Mishkal, Laura, Treena, Meghan, Mark, Peter, John, Nik, Mishaal and all your classmates...thank you for being good - you all will do well!
  • Mrs William presented me a shirt (told me: bought by my colleagues) and invited me for lunch at Tropicana Club with my colleagues on 2/8/2013 afternoon - sadly, got to decline due to prior engagement. But many thanks to them all.
Goodbye and take care...I certainly gonna miss you all: Some may be a little bit more and one of you, a lot a lot more :) Haha, who is that someone. Not harm keep guessing and this may be my way of making you remembering me. Hehe...Goodbye and thank you!"

(Gifts from Aravind, Raghu, Kaanti, Sweetha, Riyah (pens, cups, sculptures, shirt, chocolates, etc.) and many notes and cards like these from many many of you...)

P/S: In end Nov 2014, I set up my Facebook for the first time and have since re-established my contacts with many of my above students and ex-colleagues. Great!


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Monday, 26 August 2013


LIGHT (Overview): Form 4 Chapter 5

Reflection in Mirrors; Refraction through Lenses, Etc.

1.    Reflection of Light
a.       Law of Reflection
b.      Image formed by reflection in
                                                               i.      plane mirror; characteristics of image and applications
                                                             ii.      convex mirror, characteristics of image and applications
                                                            iii.      concave mirror, characteristics of image and applications
c.       Ray diagrams for reflection

2 .   Refraction of Light
a.       Law of refraction
b.      Refractive index, n
c.       Natural phenomena due to refraction
d.      Total internal reflection
                                                               i.      Internal reflection
                                                             ii.      Total internal reflection
                                                            iii.      Critical angle
                                                           iv.      Natural phenomena due to total internal reflection
                                                             v.      Applications of total internal reflection
1.      Prism periscope
2.      Prism binoculars
3.      Optical fibre
4.      Cutting of diamonds

3.    Lenses
a.       Convex lenses and Concave lenses
b.      Terminologies and Lens Formula
                                                               i.      Focal length, f.
                                                             ii.      Focal point, F.
                                                            iii.      Object distance, u
                                                           iv.      Image distance, v.
                                                             v.      Magnification, m = v/u
                                                           vi.      Power of lenses, P = 1/f
                                                          vii.      Lens formula: 1/f = 1/u + 1/v
c.       Uses of lenses in optical devices
                                                               i.      Magnifying glass
                                                             ii.      Compound microscope
                                                            iii.      Astronomical telescope
                                                           iv.      Camera
                                                             v.      Slide projector
                                                           vi.      Photocopier
                                                          vii.      Short-sighted spectacles
                                                        viii.      Long-sighted spectacles