Friday 16 November 2012

Korean Student's Sweet Farewell Note...My Past Photos, Etc.

I joined the int'l sch on 2nd May 2012. I want to thank the following students for their kind gestures:

1) Christina (now back to Korea): for a) the nicely wrapped beautiful red tie that her Mom bought for me in her last trip back to Korea - some Form 4 boy and girls had remarked that it was really nice - I think it indeed is; b) the above sweet farewell note which also came with Korean honey lime;
2) Anvar (back to Uzbekhistan): for a box of chocolates on Teachers' Day
3) Laura: for the special cuppucino cup (Teachers' Day)
4) Mark: for Ferraroche chocolate with came with a stalk of paper roses (Teachers' Day)
5) Yaseen (back to Maldive): for the birthday pizza
6) Ciara: for her birthday chocolate bar
7) A cute primary boy whom I didn't know but who knew me by my name and gave me his birthday chocolate
8) Anonymous (Form 4): for the nicely folded white paper rose...

(.....continuation....dated 13/4/2013)

9) Ciara started the 3rd term with a key-chain gift she bought from Phillipine...
10) Nik came back from Thailand with a special 'gigantic pencil' gift - very sweet of her.
11) P6 Tulip gave me a surprised birthday celebration on 25th January with a huge chocolate cake more delicious than what you can buy from Secret Rcp. It was really nice of the class.
12) Parth bought me a lovely set of matching tie and accessories for the birthday - tq, Parth!
13) P6 Daisy, ever the competitive class, gave a belated birthday celebration (juz a few days late) with Annabelle Goh's wonderful cake (baked by her Mom, I was told) just as delicious and large as P6 Tulip's  - Thanks very much to Annabelle, her Mom and P6 Daisy.
14) Countless  birthday cards that came for abt a week...
15) On the last day of academic year 2012/2013 (on 12/4/2013), Jenet and Vicky Kim as well as Nandika each gave me a nicely-wrapped gift. Jenet's carries a nice message of thanks. Vicky's has a beautiful 'heart' attached to it that says all. Nandika's was a lovely cup full of auspicious colours...Thks Jenet, Vicky and Nandika...

"Thank you" to you all for making me feel welcome and making my first year at the int'l school memorable. Here are some pics of other memorable moments of my life to share with you: 

Pics Below: 1) Flying Off (infant eldest son) n family for holidays, 2) With infant daughter & eldest son, 3) Daughter n eldest son playing at Gurney Drive (Penang)


Pics Below: 1) At Airport (Top left), 2) Genting Highland (Top right), 3) Tanah Merah Lakeside (Bottom)


Pics Below: 1) At Langkawi Airport, 2) Tg Rhu Resort, 3) Penang's Khoo Kongsi

Pics Below: 12 Yrs in S'pore, 1) Jogging At Marina Bay 2) Visit Haw Par Villa