Thursday, 20 March 2014

SPM 2013 Results Out Today (20/03/2014, Thurs)

470,395 students sat for SPM 2013 last year.

11,892 scored FULL A's --- 244 more than SPM 2012

405 scores ALL A+s --- of which 366 were from national schools (sekolah kebangsaan).

This is the best results in 5 years. For press report, read here.

Personal notes:

My dearest disciple scored ALL A's but B+ for the controversial "Moral" paper: It's 8As and 1B+ for Mei. Congrats on the 8As and sympathy for the B+ . In PMR, she scored FULL A's!

(18.4.2014) Another student - also from Mei's school - who took Physics and Chemistry tuition from me a few months before SPM scored A's for both subjects. In fact, he scored FULL 9A's!! Congrats to Manoj! Come to think of it, the number of my tuition students who scored full A's in SPM and IGCSE exams are fast becoming uncountable...really wonderful! (Manoj has left a comment below - click 'comment' to read more!)

Mei and about 20 to 30 others (including Manoj) received their "Anugerah Cermelang Academik 2014 SPM" (SPM 2014 Academic Excellence Award) for scoring 8A's and above at their school this morning.

Mei was also the President of her school's Netball Club; Secretary of 1 of the 4 sport houses; represented school at some levels of netball competition - all these kept her quite busy actually...but it sharpens her multi-tasking skill too...

30.6.2014: Today Manoj posted a comment (please click "comment" below) to happily say that he actually scored A+ for both the subjects he took tuition from me i.e. Physics and Chemistry (not just A's)! Absolutely wonderful! Do send my regards to your parents - not forgetting your Mom's Deepavali's cookies - truly delicious! Thks Ma'am!!


Need Help In Physics, Chemistry and Maths in or around Petaling Jaya?

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(June 18th, 2017):


Summer May/June 2017 IGCSE O-level and Edexcel O-level exams were just over. As such, some tuition slots are available for grabs on '1st-come-1st-serve" (3 slots have been taken). A few more slots are available for the following subjects:

* IGCSE: Math 0580 (Angela Loo, Absalom Wong, ... scored A's)
                Math 0606 (Nicole Gan scored A (83%), Kai Xun scored B* (79%) ...)
                International Maths 0607 (Switzerland-bound Zi Zhun scored B)
                Physics 0625 (Nicole Gan scored A* (93%), Lim Jin Quan A* (mark NA),...)
                Chemistry 0620; (Nicole Gan scored A* (94%), Lim Jin Quan A* (mark NA),...)

* Edexcel: Maths 4MAO / 4MBO / 4PMO (Previously taught 4MBO / 4PMO at Int'l Sch)
                 Chemistry 4CHO (Ms. McLean scored A*)
                 Physics 4PHO (Ms. McLean scored A*)

(CIE AS/A2: Chemistry 9701 / Physics 9702 can be considered if approached early)

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(May 30th, 2016): Summer May/June 2016 IGCSE O-level and CIE AS/A2 exams are ending. As such, some tuition slots are available for grabs on '1st-come-1st-serve". The tuition slots are for:

* IGCSE: Math 0580
                Math 0606
                Physics 0625
                Chemistry 0620

(Edexcel Maths and Physics; SPM Maths, Physics and Chemistry can be considered.

* CIE AS/A2: Chemistry 9701

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