Sunday, 4 September 2016

Karina and Danial left for UK last night - Goodbye n Best Wishes!

Last night, Karina flew back to London (B.... Royal Boarding Sch) after was back here for about a month's for her yr-end break.
We met 10 x 2 hrs over her A-level AQA chemistry.
She'll be back in Oct for d 6th or 7th times in slightly over a yr because MAS has promotions for KL-London flights...
I gave tuition to Karina in IGCSE Physics 0625 n Chemistry 0620 from her yr 10 in Gdn Int'l Sch (Mont Kiara) and she scored A's for both subjects (plus other subjects too) before going over to the London Boarding School. 
Best wishes to Karina!
Danial too flew to Aberdeen the same night - on different flight though. Danial is doing a degree there.
Danial was my tuition student in IGCSE Physics (since yr 10) n CIE Chemistry 9701thereafter - he never scored below B for both subjects.Thereafter, he picked up golfing and manage to win some prizes for that. Btw, Danial is brother of Karina. 
Best wishes to Dan too!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lim Jin Quan (Sri Cempaka) Scored A* for both Physics 0625 n Chemistry 0620 in May/June 2016 Exams!

This is great!

Jin Quan whatsapped a moment ago that he scored A-Star (A*) in the two subjects he took tuition from me since Dec 2015 (at RM90/hr/subject) - Physics 0625 and Chemistry 0620.

What better way to record my "heartiest congrats" and appreciation to Jin Quan than to do it through a dedicated post!

Jin Quan was a conscientious, diligent and good student with very caring Mom and Dad and a cute little sister. Tuition was held at either Publika or Valencia.

When he came to me, he wasn't sure if he could score A's for both subjects: school marks were around 60-70% - Physics was slightly better than Chemistry. So he took more hours per week of tuition for Chemistry than Physics.

After a few lessons with him, I never have any doubt that I could assist him to score at least A's for both.

And, the eventual results: A* for both! Really happy for him!

Best wishes, Jin Quan!



Warm regards n heartiest congrats to your Mom n Dad too! :)