Friday, 25 August 2017

Caroline W. McLean Scored A* for Both Chemistry (4CHO) n Physics (4PHO) in 2017 Edexcel Int'l GCSE May /June Exams

Yesterday (24.08.2017, Thurs) at 1020 pm:

Caroline W. McLean (Alice Smith Int'l Sch) texted happy news to inform that in the recent 2017 Edexcel Int'l GCSE May /June exams, she: "... passed Chemistry and Physics with 2 A*'s ...". She used the humble word "passed" when in fact it was "excelled" in the 2 subjects with A* - that's typical of interesting Caroline!

Caroline took tuition from me in 3 Edexcel O-level subjects: Chemistry (4CHO), Physics (4PHO) and Math (4MAO). She started with Chemistry - then she requested tuition too for Physics n Math nearer to her formal exams.

My heartiest congratulations to this gymnast-looking sweet girl, Caroline W. McLean!

Nice of you indeed to inform me of your results!

Best wishes for your next phase, Caroline! :)

Douglas Tan

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Nazeera Shafleena (Sri Cempaka) Scored A's for Both Chemistry and Physics in 2017 IGCSE May/June Exams

On 10 Aug 2017, it was the Results Day for 2017 IGCSE May/June Exams.

At 3.33 pm that day, Nazeera Shafleena (of Sri Cempaka) texted me the good news: She scored A's for both IGCSE Chemistry 0620 and Physics 0625 - the 2 subjects she took tuition from me since Jan 11th 2017. Nazeera also whatsapped me her results slip n a long 'thank you' note.

Fantastic really!


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Vacant Tuition Slots Up For Grab

(13/08/2017): The post below are no longer valid - all slots filled. If you really need a slot, just try!


Summer May/June 2017 IGCSE O-level and Edexcel O-level exams were just over. As such, some tuition slots are available for grabs on '1st-come-1st-serve" (3 slots have been taken). A few more slots are available for the following subjects:

* IGCSE: Math 0580 (Angela Loo, Absalom Wong, ... scored A's)
                Math 0606 (Nicole Gan scored A (83%), Kai Xun scored B* (79%) ...)
                International Maths 0607 (Zi Zhun waiting results - Switzerland-bound)
                Physics 0625 (Nicole Gan scored A* (93%), Lim Jin Quan A* (mark NA),...)
                Chemistry 0620; (Nicole Gan scored A* (94%), Lim Jin Quan A* (mark NA),...)

* Edexcel: Maths 4MAO / 4MBO / 4PMO (Previously taught 4MBO / 4PMO at Int'l Sch)
                 Chemistry 4CHO (Just tutored Ms. McLean Maths 4MAO, Chem n Physics)
                 Physics 4PHO (Ms. McLean waiting for results)

(CIE AS/A2: Chemistry 9701 / Physics 9702 can be considered if approached early)

Sms or whatsapp me Douglas at: 011-2120 1608; or,

Thank you.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Nicole Gan (Nobel Int'l Sch) Scored A* for Physics (93%) n Chemistry (94%) n A for Add-Math (83%)s in IGCSE Nov/Dec 2016 Exams

17.01.2017 (Mont Kiara):

At about 4.28 pm today, while at Mont Kiara, received good news from Ms. Nicole Gan from Sierramas. She scored 2A* n 1A for the 3 subjects she took tuition from me, namely: IGCSE Physics 0625 (93%), Chemistry 0620 (94%) n Add-Maths 0606 (83%) respectively.

Great job, Nicole!

She loves ballet n has very nice posture n poise. She plays piano n was learning guitar at that time regardless of the fast-approaching exams then. And, she has a very cute younger sis who always smiled to me! :)

Nicole never cancelled any class for any reason; never kept me waiting for even a minute for the class to start - very punctual. The book that I lent to her she duly returned on completion of her last lesson. This girl has many positive qualities.

My heartiest congrats to Nicole n best wishes for your next phase in life!



 WhatsApp No.: 011-2120 1608