Wednesday 21 March 2012

Examining 3 Interesting SPM Past Year Paper 1 Questions on "Waves"

1) Year 2008 SPM Physics, P1, Q33: What is the correct relationship between the wavelength of an electromagnetic radiation and the energy it carries?

A. Wavelength short; Energy carried high
B. Wavelength short; Energy carried low
C. Wavelength long; Energy carried high
D. Wavelength long; Energy carried low

Answer A or D? Isn't A or D different words for the same thing? (My email:

2) Year 2005 SPM Physics, P1, Q29 (pg. 9): Which graph represents amplitude moderated waves? A, B, C or D. (What about frequency-modulated waves?)

3) Year 2005 SPM Physics, P1, Q35 (pg. 11):The graphs show the cross-sections of water waves. Which wave has the greatest energy? Wave C has greater amplitude and wave D has greater frequency (than the other waves). So, your answer should be C or D? If the wave is electromagnetic waves and not water waves, would your answer be different? (Google: "energy formula for water waves" and "energy formula for electromagnetic waves" and share your findings by comments to this post please)

All the above SPM Questions PLUS more have been dealt with here

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