Sunday, 16 June 2019

IGCSE Physics 0625: Douglas Tan's Tuition Students Who Scored A or A*

Douglas Tan's tuition students who scored A* or A in IGCSE Physics 0625 (or, Edexcel Int'l GCSE Physics (4PMO)):

1) Oct /Nov 2019 exams: A (88%) - Ng Yu Kai (Sri KL Int'l School)

2) Oct /Nov 2018 exams: A* (92%) - May Lee May Chin (Beacon Hse Sri Inai)

3) Oct /Nov 2018 exams: A* (90%) - Natalia Lim (Home School))

4) May /June 2017 exams: A (88%) - Nazeera Shafleena (Sri Cempaka)

5) Oct /Nov 2016 exams: A* (93%) - Nicole Gan (Nobel Int'l Sch.)

6) May /June 2016 exams: A* (90+%) - Lim Jin Quan (Sri Cempaka)

7) Before 2016: A or A* - Karina Hamzah (Garden Int'l Sch), Alistair Yong (Honsbridge), Angela Loo (Honsbridge) and more ... (drop me a note if I inadvertently miss you out)

8) May /June 2017 Edexcel GCSE exams Physics (4PHO)A* - Caroline McLean 

You may refer to the dedicated blog posts in this blog for their 'thank you' notes, result slips n /or WhatsApp messages to me on their results. :)


Available tuition slots: The best time to get tuition slot(s) from Douglas is in June/July and Nov/Dec - just after Summer or Winter exams - when students who just finish their exams vacate their slots.

Douglas' WA # 011-2120 1608

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