Thursday, 17 January 2019

May Lee Scored A* for Both Physics (92%) and Chemistry (94%) in IGCSE Oct /Nov 2018 Exams

(Updated on 05/01/2019)

Yeah, more great news!

A moment ago, May Lee whatsapped: "I get 94 for chemistry and 92 for physics" followed by a 'thank you note' - please see the photoshot. And, I thank her for her kind words.

May Lee took tuition on Physics 0625 and Chemistry 0620 from me for about 16 months - 1.5 hours for each subject. The 2 subjects were done one after another - totaling 3 hours in 1 session firstly on Saturday, then changed to Sunday. You will note later that her tuition hours for Physics were increased by 1.5 hours about 3 months before her exams because she obtained only 70+ for Physics in her mock exams.

And, her parents - upon noticing her non-A score for Physics - on their own without my request, increased her tuition hours by 1.5 hrs / week about 3 months before the exams - the additional 1.5-hr gave me more time to help her. Students usually take 2-hr tuition for subjects like Physics, Add-Math n Chemistry for at least 15 months to excel in the subjects.

So, finally she scored A* for both Chemistry (94%) n Physics (92%).

Warmest congrats n best wishes to May Lee! :)

Douglas Tan

WA: 011-2120 1608

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