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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Nazeera Shafleena (Sri Cempaka) Scored A's for Both Chemistry and Physics in 2017 IGCSE May/June Exams

On 10 Aug 2017, it was the Results Day for 2017 IGCSE May/June Exams.

At 3.33 pm that day, Nazeera Shafleena (of Sri Cempaka) texted me the good news: She scored A's for both IGCSE Chemistry 0620 and Physics 0625 - the 2 subjects she took tuition from me since Jan 11th 2017. Nazeera also whatsapped me her results slip n a long 'thank you' note.

Fantastic really!

Both in her 'thank you' note as well as during my early interactions with her in Jan, she told me that she used to fail both subjects / scored F's for both subjects. That led her to go online to google for help - that's how she bumped into my physics blog (this physics bog) n discovered from a blog post that I - the author of this blog - was the man who helped his immediate senior, Lim Jin Quan, to obtained A* for both Chemistry n Physics too.

So, on Jan 9th 2017 at 8.16 pm: she texted to invite me to be her tutor for these 2 subjects. After some exchanges, I finally agreed n the 1st lesson started 2 days later (on Jan 11th 2017) at a venue in Mont Kiara.

During the 1st lesson, she told me she just failed both subjects in her recent school tests. Of course, it was quite a challenge in the beginning - she seemed 'blur' on many areas of the subjects.But that's normal when students seek tuition...

The turn-around from F to A would not have been possible if Nazeera had not been diligent, willing n humble to learn. So, it was Nazeera's strong desire to improve, her grit, her tenacity n perseverance that made this quantum leap improvement possible. She gave me her full cooperation n freedom to implement my tuition programme specially tailored for her for her situation.

So, full credit must go to her for this wonderful achievement- she was very happy, so am I

My heartiest congratulations to you, Nazeera Shafleena, once again through special mention in this dedicated blog post! :)

Keep up the good work n the attitude into your next phase in life.

Best wishes!


P/s: I gave her a lunch treat the next day (after the Results Day) at Mont Kiara. Her sis who was back from UK for year-end break was with us too. The conversations were great! I enjoyed the 1.5 hour catching-up with her.

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