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Friday, 25 August 2017

Caroline W. McLean Scored A* for Both Chemistry (4CHO) n Physics (4PHO) in 2017 Edexcel GCSE May /June Exams

Yesterday (24.08.2017, Thurs) at 1020 pm:

Caroline W. McLean (Alice Smith Int'l Sch) texted happy news to inform that in the recent 2017 Edexcel GCSE May /June exams, she: "... passed Chemistry and Physics with 2 A*'s ...". She used the humble word "passed" when in fact it was "excelled" in the 2 subjects with A* - that's typical of interesting Caroline!

Caroline took tuition from me for a short-while in 3 Edexcel O-level subjects: Chemistry (4CHO), Physics (4PHO) and Math (4MAO). She started with Chemistry - then she requested tuition too for Physics n Math nearer to her formal exams.

Her A* in Chemistry n Physics should be attributed mainly to her own abilities because she didn't take the usual many lessons from me. My role was mainly to help her to tie up loose ends n to 'audit' her preparations against the respective syllabus specifications and where I find weaknesses, I strengthen her as there wasn't enough time to cover all areas - and, it works! As for Math (4MAO) - she scored a respectable B: It was a case of too little too late! I have no doubt that she has the ability to score A* in Math (4MAO) too - just that our time on Math was too little too late! That notwithstanding ...

My heartiest congratulations to this well-bred gymnast-looking sweet girl, Caroline W. McLean!

Nice of you indeed to inform me of your results!

Best wishes for your next phase, Caroline! :)

Douglas Tan

WhatsApp No.: 011 2120 1608

My time with Caroline also allows me to gain knowledge of the demands of the current syllabus specifications for Edexcel Math (4MAO), Chemistry (4CHO) n Physics (4PHO) as I already know those of:
- IGCSE Maths 0580 / 0606 / 0607;
- IGCSE Chemistry 0620; and,
- IGCSE Physics 0625; as well as,
- SPM Modern Math / Add-Math;
- SPM Chemistry
- SPM Physics), almost to my finger tips. Hehe...

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